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Superfast Broadband 

Response from Openreach to the Community Council regarding the lack of Superfast Broadband in this area.

Openreach had planned to build an extensive Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) network across the area that would have covered many premises and delivered them with ultrafast broadband speeds of up to 330Mbps.  This work was being undertaken as part of the Superfast Cymru BDUK project.  It's aim is to deliver fibre broadband in areas that are not covered by private commercial plans, but since the current phase of the Superfast Cymru project ended on 31st December 2017 deployment work has stopped completely on any projects that had not been finished.  This has affected other communities and unfortunately, is what has happened here too.

 We realise that this is extremely disappointing for residents who were anticipating the arrival of fibre broadband, however we and the Welsh Government are aware of the issues that communities across Wales, who are in a similar situation, are experiencing but this will require further investment. 

The Welsh Government has announced the next phase to extend fast reliable broadband further and are searching for a delivery partner now, with the contract expected to be awarded by this summer to install the network on their behalf.  The remaining FTTP work in your area will need to be considered as part of this new phase. 

The UK Government has also outlined plans to introduce a universal 10Mbps minimum speed broadband service and there are schemes like our Community Fibre Partnerships programme for those people that aren't prepared to wait.  Grants are available from the Welsh Government that can help fund such schemes.  Keep an eye on our website below. 


Speeding Restrictions on the Horseshoe Pass 

Denbighshire County Council plans to extend the 40 mph restriction to cover the whole of the Pass by the summer of 2018. Although the thought behind this move is a positive one, the Community Council expressed reservations on how this can be policed in such a rural area. The speed and noise from traffic, specifically from motorbikes, at weekends and Bank holidays is already causing serious concern but extending the speed limit, without sufficient back-up from speed-cameras or the police is unlikely to relieve the situation.